authors: Stan Moore and Benoit Schillings
dates: May 1-5, 2002
location: California Central Coast Mountains (4,000 ft elev)
exposure time(s): 8 hours for deep regions and 2.5 hours for central zone
Special techniques used: Sigma-reject means, Deconvolution, merging images from 2 scopes
imaging setup #1 Stan Moore:
    12.5" f/9 RCOS (
     Astro-Physics 0.75x reducer
     Astro-Physics 900 mount
     SBIG ST-10e CCD camera
     SBIG AO-7 active optic
imaging setup #2 Benoit Schillings (
    12" f/12.5 Intes-Micro Maksotov
    Losmandy GM-200 mount
    SBIG ST-8e CCD Camera
    SBIG AO-7 active optic

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